Montague Fresh to grow Australian apple consumption with “red-flesh” apples

  • November 27, 2012
  • Kate Carey

One of Australia’s leading apple producers Montague Fresh has joined the IFORED group of fruit producers from 11 countries to develop new types of apples. The most recent IFORED innovation is a red-flesh apple variety to be released in Australia.

The IFORED group, which has based its research facilities in France, has been testing, selecting and commercialising red-flesh apple varieties. The Montague Fresh apple varieties will include sweet and tangy flavours ranging from a bright pink to a deep red flesh.

Ray Montague, Managing Director of Montague Fresh, said that the new range would help drive apple growth in Australia.

“The ability to share technical and marketing expertise with our global partners will assist Australian growers to maximise the potential of these varieties. Over the next 10 years we will see these commercialised in Australia. It is important to us to continue to develop new varieties for our retail partners, consumers and future generations of orchardists,” Mr Montague said.

Montague Fresh said that the red-flesh apples will appeal to a “new demographic” and will increase Australian apple consumption which is “well below Europe.”

The new red-flesh apple ranges to be released in Australia by Montague Fresh.



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