Victorian Government gives cash for Mars expansion

  • March 5, 2013
  • Sophie Langley

The Victorian Liberal Coalition Government is contributing $2 million towards Mars Australia’s new expansion of its large manufacturing facility in Ballarat.

The Mars expansion, which will cost AU$52 million overall, and involves energy and water upgrades, such as pipe and plant insulation, stormwater capture and storage, wastewater treatment upgrades, refrigeration systems upgrades and installation of solar panels. The investment will ensure Mars Australia continues to manufacture Mars Bars, Snickers, M&Ms and other popular snack food products at its Ballarat plant.

“This significant new investment will generate more construction jobs in Ballarat and boost exports from regional Victoria,” said Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu. “More than 100 new jobs will be generated during the construction and fit-out stage, with many more existing full-time jobs now secure,” he said.

Premier Baillieu said the energy and water upgrades would reduce energy consumption at the plant by 29 per cent – the average energy use of about 950 houses in the State’s capital city, Melbourne.

“The Ballarat region is growing and the Coalition Government is keen to support businesses that underpin that growth and enhance Victoria’s reputation as a great place for commercial investment,” said Richard Dalla-Riva, Victorian Minister for Manufacturing, Exports and Trade.

“The Ballarat region is growing and the Coalition Government is keen to support businesses that underpin that growth and enhance Victoria’s reputation as a great place for commercial investment,” Mr Dalla-Riva said.

He said Mars has injected more than $145 million a year into the State’s economy and had the opportunity for further growth with this expansion.

Mars launched its operations in Australia in 1954 and is now the second-largest confectionery company in Australia, employing around 525 people and exporting to more than 30 countries in Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. It is well known for its chocolate production, but also has business segments for food, petcare and the chewing gum brand Wrigley.

Mars Australia says it is committed to sustainable infrastructure and practices like the ones the expansion in Ballarat will allow. It has operations in place at its other factories to reduce the company’s environmental impacts.

The company reports that Mars Petcare reduced its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions across its four manufacturing sites by a quarter between 2006 and 2010, and its Wrigley site at Asquith, the Northern Sydney suburb, captures an annual volume of 3.6 million litres of rainwater, which is used for all onsite amenities, washrooms and cooling towers.

The latest good news from Mars in Victoria comes not long after Mars Australia had been cutting  jobs in the State last year.

Mars Australia will expand in Ballarat


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3 Responses to “Victorian Government gives cash for Mars expansion”

  1. Nelle on March 5th, 2013 5:06 pm

    Wow. I have no words to express my thoughts. Actually I take that back. Good old Ted Baillieu is not my favourite. So far he has fought teachers &amp, nurses, and he’s trying it on with paramedics too. He really doesn’t want to pay any of these people or give them the resources to do their jobs. Now times are tight and I can see that we might want to put our money elsewhere…. I know, let’s put our money into a massive corporation that doesn’t need our help. Let’s help them to build commercial infrastructure that won’t benefit our State but instead will produce voluminous amounts of candy-flavoured rubbish that ultimately leads to obesity and huge health risks for our population. Let’s not invest in healthcare. Or farmers- either broad-acre or dairy. Let’s not invest in schools, independent business, or even Australian business.
    Is Ted Baillieu planning on a 2nd term ?

  2. Carol Richards on March 5th, 2013 7:40 pm

    This is bad form of the Victorian government. Why does big business, and junk food big business at that – need subsidising by tax payers?

    Why not sure some innovation and leadership and use the $2million for funding locally-based, fair and healthy food growing? this is burgeoning across Victoria, with local community leadership on a shoe-string.

    Give the $2m to communities who are trying to fight obesity and ill-health by growing their own healthy, organic food!

  3. Kim on May 20th, 2013 1:24 pm

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