“Health claims” of the absurd: Nando’s ‘perimedic’ marketing campaign

  • June 26, 2013
  • Sophie Langley

Fast food restaurant chain Nando’s latest instore marketing promotion in Australia seems to poke fun at the topic of food health claims by adopting a tongue in cheek approach for marketing its own sauces.

The marketing of Nando’s range of ‘Peri’ flavoured sauces, to accompany meals or used in meal-preparation, is served in a “Peri-medical” kit and carries the label brand of “Peri-cetamol”. The Peri-cetamol label reads:

“Use Peri-cetamol for: Fast and effective relief from bland food with chicken, stir-fries, sandwiches, dips, tuna, salads. Basically anything that suffers from severe plain. Suitable for: people with an ache for flavour, chicken breastfeeding.”

“Do not use Peri-cetamol if you are comfortable in your own dullness, with tastebuds to match, if you are a drip or actually physically on a drip, as a suppository.”

“If bland food persists, please contact the Peri-medics at www.perimedics.com.au.”

“The Peri-Medics are a fiery bunch, and passionate about reviving any and all bland meals.”

The Company says it is aiming at office workers who “need to be rescued from bland food”, with a Nando’s ‘Perimedics’ kit.

“When bland food trauma requires emergency treatment, there’s only one service to call – Nando’s Perimedics,” says the campaign’s website.

The kit, which can be requested from Nando’s ‘Perimedics’ website, includes samples of Nando’s sauce products and comes in a small first-aid style bag that might be carried by a ‘Peri-medic’.

The Nando’s campaign is not the first time a fast food group has adopted a medical theme in a humorous way. Australian Food News has previously reported on the US “Heart Attack Grill” chain, which even uses medical attire for its front-of-counter staff.

Marketing material for Nando's 'Peri-medics' campaign


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