Peters ice cream creates “KISS”-steria among fans with re-launch of the “Thunderbolt”
February 6, 2013

Peters ice cream has announced the re-launch of the 1980’s KISS Thunderbolt ice-block in time for the band’s 40th anniversary tour of Australia. The cult ice-block named after KISS’ popular track “God of Thunder” has been updated for Australian consumers tastes, now featuring a cola-flavoured tip as opposed to the original grape flavour. The Thunderbolt, available in Caltex Star Marts today, has sent fans in hysteria with Ebay prices for empty boxes of the 2013 edition sitting at around... ...Read more »

The ‘retro’ look is Coke’s what’s new
December 13, 2012

Coca-Cola South Pacific has released a limited edition ‘retro look’ packaging range for Fanta, Sprite and Lift products, sporting the famous packaging designs from the 70s, 80s and 90s. In addition, the 1980’s Mello Yellow beverage by Lift will be available to Australian consumers, offering a “new twist” on the classic lemon squash taste. Flavours Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola South Pacific, Delia Maloney said that she expects the flavours will “bring the family together as mum and dad’s... ...Read more »