Soft drink giants global battle in 2016
February 3, 2016

Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co. have revealed some of their respective plans for global market dominance in 2016.   Coca-Cola has kicked off 2016 with a new global marketing campaign called “Taste that Feeling”. It is the beverage giant’s first global campaign covering Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Life and Coke Zero. The campaign aims to create a single Coke brand rather than individual marketing of Coke product options.   Chief Marketing Officer Marcos de Quinto calls it the “one brand” strategy... ...Read more »

Coca-Cola South Pacific launches ‘Be More Fanta’ campaign
February 3, 2016

Coca-Cola South Pacific is asking its customers to embrace the fun side of life in its latest multi-million dollar Fanta soft-drink marketing campaign.   Named ‘Be More Fanta’, Coca-Cola South Pacific says the campaign is “aimed at inspiring youth to embrace the playful, fun and vibrant side of life”. Teenagers and Mums are the target audience and it kicks off Fanta’s 2016 strategy to “bring the fun”.   Coca-Cola South Pacific will be spending millions on TV, cinema, online,... ...Read more »

Complaints over Australia Day lamb advertisement dismissed
January 20, 2016

The Advertising Standards Board (ASB or ‘Ad Standards’) has determined that Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has not breached its code of ethics despite receiving more than 600 complaints against its Australia Day advertisement promoting the eating lamb.   The television commercial features SBS news reader Lee Lin Chin and a cast of others who launch “Operation Boomerang” in an effort to bring Australians home to eat lamb on Australia Day.   Complaint one: offence to vegans   In... ...Read more »

Heart Tick running out of ticker, overrun by Health Star Ratings
December 21, 2015

After 26 years of appearing on many of Australia’s food labels, the Heart Foundation’s ‘Healthy Heart Tick’ logo is heading towards oblivion.   Introduced to Australians as an easy way of knowing if a food was a ‘healthier’ choice and was endorsed by the Heart Foundation, today more than 2000 products carry the tick across 80 categories.   National CEO for the Heart Foundation, Mary Barry, said however that the introduction of the Australian Federal Government’s new Health... ...Read more »

Buderim Ginger introduces new packaging
December 9, 2015

Australian ginger producer Buderim Ginger has introduced new packaging for two of its most popular products.   Both Buderim’s “Naked Ginger Uncrystallised” 200g and “Crystallised Ginger” 250g have undergone a package makeover.   The new contemporary design now includes pouch locks to help keep the ginger fresh and prominently features Buderim’s logo.   Marketing Manager for Buderim, Jacqui Price said that the decision to change the packaging was made after finding out most... ...Read more »

Bulla promotes its Australian origins in new advertising campaign
November 25, 2015

Bulla Dairy Foods has launched a new advertising campaign focused on promoting its Australian heritage.   Using ‘unfakeable’ as its tagline, two television commercials explore the brands 105 year old history whilst advertising its cream and ice cream products.   The commercials are voiced by Australian actor Michael Caton and include music by INXS performed by Deborah Conway. Both advertisements were filmed in Bulla’s hometown of Colac and uses both staff and local families as the... ...Read more »

Supermarkets hit Australia’s TV screens with competing Christmas campaigns
November 18, 2015

Woolworths, Coles and Aldi have released the first of their respective supermarket Christmas advertisements for the upcoming festive season.   Woolworths’ campaign     Woolworths’ first Christmas advertisement includes a range of different families experiencing Christmas in their own way with footage in the advertisement looking as if shot on an iPhone to create a “home video” feel.   Humour comes across with a man setting up a Christmas tree saying “doing this without swearing... ...Read more »

Coke launches new Appletiser campaign
November 18, 2015

Coca-Cola South Pacific has re-launched its Appletiser range of sparkling juice with a big marketing campaign that connects Appletiser with celebrations of Christmas and the Australian holiday period.   The Coca-Cola Company acquired Appletiser from South African based beverage and beer giant SABMiller in December 2014.   It is now positioned as a non-alcoholic alternative and Coca-Cola wants to increase purchases of Appletiser by positioning it as the “best non-alcoholic drink for the... ...Read more »

Woolworths retreats over advertisement debacle
November 9, 2015

Woolworths has dug itself into a hole with its recent advertisement starring fitness lifestyle guru Michelle Bridges.   Despite Woolworths being long associated with it marketing concept of the ‘Fresh Food people’, Bridges appeared to suggest in a commercial that fresh produce growers are “freaks”.   The advertisement which was posted online last week saw celebrity personal trainer Michelle Bridges in a garden setting eating soil and saying “Like everyone, I grow my own vegetables.... ...Read more »

ACCC proposes to re-authorise infant formula marketing code
November 4, 2015

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has proposed to re-authorise an agreement that prohibits the promotion of infant formula to the public.   The ‘Marketing in Australia of Infant Formula’ (MAIF) agreement is handled by the Infant Nutrition Council in Australia and also governs interactions between infant formula manufacturers, importers and health care professionals. It is a self-regulatory code which has been authorised since 1992.   “The MAIF Agreement is... ...Read more »

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