Woolworths ‘Earn and Learn’ is back
July 22, 2015

The Woolworths ‘Earn and Learn’ program has returned for 2015. Similar to previous years, Woolworths shoppers can earn resources for schools and education centres by spending money with the supermarket. How it works For every $10 customers spend in store or online a sticker will be earnt. The program excludes liquor, tobacco and gift card purchases. Shoppers should then place the stickers on a provided sticker sheet and once completed the sheet can be handed into the primary school, high school... ...Read more »

Drivers puzzled by McDonald’s appearing out of the middle of Aussie desert
July 20, 2015

I McDonald’s may be experiencing some pressures regarding global profits but would the chain bother setting up a store in the  heart of Australia’s Simpson Desert? Apparently not, but someone has tried on the fast food restaurant’s behalf by installing at 15-metre high ‘coming soon’ McDonald’s in the Australian outback. The sign features the McDonald’s logo and a ‘break glass in emergency’ box at the base with a McDonald’s takeaway bag inside. A representative from... ...Read more »

Advertising Standards breached by Fanta TV advert and App
July 15, 2015

Coca-Cola’s Fanta has removed a television commercial and app after it was found to be in breach of advertising standard guidelines aimed at fighting childhood obesity. The ‘Fanta Tastes Like’ campaign saw cartoon characters participating in fun activities such as jumping into a pool of bubbles and riding a roller-coaster. Fanta said that the campaigns aimed at teenagers aged 15-17 but the Australian Advertising Standards Board ruled that there were parts which were primarily aimed at children. The... ...Read more »

How ice cream companies remain relevant in winter, Baskin-Robbins shows how
July 15, 2015

How does Baskin-Robbins attract guests when winter strikes and consumers’ buying behaviour changes, craving warm and indulgent products? The aim is to make the ice cream category less of a seasonal business explains Baskin-Robbins General Manager David Jordan. Since our first Australian store opened in 1989, our aim remains the same – to keep guests enjoying our premium ice cream all year round! Globally, the ice-cream sector faces the same opportunity: enhancing their product mixes to be relevant... ...Read more »

Uncle Tobys gets adverse decision over ‘superfoods’ claim
July 6, 2015

Australian-based breakfast-maker and health bar brand Uncle Tobys has landed into trouble over an advertisement which claimed its oats were “ a naturally rich in protein superfood”. Uncle Tobys is owned by Cereal Partners Worldwide a joint venture between Nestle and General Mills but the brand is handled by Nestle Australia. The Australian Advertising Standards Board ruled on the 10 june 2015 that the claim was dishonest and Cereal Partners have since agreed to alter the television commercial. The... ...Read more »

Mars receives accolades for its Pedigree radio station for NZ dogs
July 1, 2015

Mars New Zealand has received industry accolades for its launch of a radio station for dogs, K9FM. In a marketing campaign for its pet food brand, Pedigree, Mars New Zealand created the station which features classical music, talkies, dog traffic, virtual outings, meditation, affirmation half hours and ‘learning human’. The campaign was based off research which shows that leaving music or the radio playing when no one is in the house with a dog helps sooth them and gives them a sense of comfort.... ...Read more »

Schweppes Australia seeks to diversify its advertising
June 24, 2015

Schweppes Australia will be introducing changes to its advertising creative process. Reported by Mumbrella earlier this week, Schweppes wants to now use a number of external agencies to help boost advertising success. Until now Schweppes has been using one agency, GPY&R Melbourne. Schweppes has been using a retainer model with GPY&R Melbourne and says this financial model will also be altered in efforts to increase results. The beverage company which owns Cottee’s, Cool Ridge, Solo and... ...Read more »

Lithuania ban on energy drink sales to under 18s comes in with broader restrictions and warnings
November 5, 2014

Lithuania ban on energy drink sales to under 18s comes in with broader restrictions and warnings From November 2014, Lithuania has become the first Baltic State to ban the sale of energy drinks to anyone under the age of 18. The ban implements a law passed earlier following a campaign claiming there were adverse health effects of such products on children. The Lithuanian law also prohibits the wide promotion and marketing of energy drinks as ‘enhancement’ or ‘support’ drinks. This means not... ...Read more »

Red Bull to pay more than US$13 million to settle false advertising lawsuit
October 8, 2014

Red Bull to pay more than US$13 million to settle false advertising lawsuit Global energy drink company Red Bull GmbH has agreed to pay more than US$13 million to settle a class action lawsuit in the US that alleged the Company falsely advertised its energy drinks. It has been reported that if the proposed settlement is passed by the court, Red Bull would be required to pay $6.5 million into a settlement fund within seven days. The settlement could include millions of individuals who purchased at... ...Read more »

Devondale milk ad “racist” according to advertising standards watchdog
September 8, 2014

Devondale milk ad “racist” according to advertising standards watchdog The Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) has upheld a complaint against a 15 second television commercial for Devondale milk, finding that the commercial vilified a man of Asian background and Asian business generally. The television campaign depicts a group of people dressed in typical corporate attire, attempting to run a dairy farm. It is immediately apparent that these people have no farming skills, as they look totally... ...Read more »

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