Cadbury chocolate with Oreo biscuit range released
May 4, 2016

A Cadbury chocolate range with Oreo biscuits is now available in Australian supermarkets. The range includes one 45gm bar and three 180gm block varieties. The bar consists of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with vanilla flavoured crème and Oreo biscuit pieces. The chocolate blocks also contain Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and Oreo biscuit pieces but are available with either vanilla, strawberry or mint crème. Both the Cadbury brand and the Oreo brand are owned by Mondelez International worldwide.... ...Read more »

Hershey’s invests in ‘meat bars’ as Americans eat less chocolate, says Quartz
April 26, 2016

Could dried ‘meat bars’ be just as popular as chocolate bars? The Hershey Company is hoping this will be the case revealing this month that it will be launching a new line of jerky bars under its recently acquired Krave Jerky brand, according to a recent report by the US-based Quartz newsletter. According to Quartz, the bars will come in a variety of unique flavours and they are being launched at a time when Americans are eating less chocolate. Using Euromonitor International data, Americans... ...Read more »

Cadbury launches lolly bag and party mix
April 6, 2016

Cadbury is launching two new products into Australian supermarkets, ‘Lolly Bag’ and ‘Party Mix’. Both products are a mixture of lollies and Cadbury chocolates. The Lolly Bag contains jelly worms, milk bottles, dinosaur lollies, Cadbury Caramels and Tiny Freddo Faces. The Party Mix includes lolly snakes, strawberries and cream, Cadbury Clinkers and Tiny Freddo Faces. The range has been launched alongside a competition offering purchasers a chance to win one of six trips to the 2016 Olympics... ...Read more »

Aussies still chomping on chocolate: Roy Morgan Research
March 23, 2016

Australians are increasing their rate of chocolate consumption according to a new Roy Morgan Research survey. Despite the increasing health warnings to cut high-fat and high-sugar foods, 52 per cent of Australians said they ate at least one chocolate bar a month in 2015. By comparison, 48 per cent of Australians were eating at least one chocolate bar per month in 2013. In 2015 43 per cent of Australians eat a chocolate block a month, a 3 per cent increase on 2013 figures. Approximately 19 per cent... ...Read more »

Wrigley Pacific appoints new General Manager
March 23, 2016

Patrick Gantier , Wrigley Pacific’s new General Manager Patrick Gantier is now General Manager for Wrigley Pacific, a division of the Mars group. Gantier was formerly the General Manager for Mars Food France and has 20 years-experience in the fast moving goods industry in Europe and in the US. He joined Mars in 2008 as Marketing Director. Prior to his time at Mars Gantier worked various marketing roles in France and Central Europe. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance and... ...Read more »

Chocolate upward price trends to continue beyond Easter
March 23, 2016

The cocoa’s price passed US$3, 000 a tonne this week. However, the Easter holidays are not the driving force.  More importantly, skilled worker shortages and political uphveals in West Africa are the major contributors to the price increase trend. West Africa is the source of 70 per cent of the world’s cocoa beans. Professor David Guest from the Department of Plant and Food Sciences at the University of Sydney told The Observer in  2015 that rising chocolate costs were inevitable. “You need... ...Read more »

Chocolate link with deep outer space mystery
March 21, 2016

Is there a link between the DC Comics hero Superman and the lethal effects for canine pets from eating chocolate? While chocolate is an enjoyable energising treat for most humans,  it’s a potentially fatal food for dogs, just as lethal as kryptonite was for Superman. Kryptonite was a material from Superman’s universe, specifically a mineral from Superman’s home planet of Krypton. Kryptonite drained Superman of his strength but gave others some of his superhuman powers.  According to some... ...Read more »

Macabella choc-macadamia spread smooth edition introduced to supermarkets
March 21, 2016

A ‘smooth’ version of Macabella Choc’Macadamia spread will be launched into Woolworths supermarkets across Australia. The spread is being introduced to consumers after the original ‘crunch’ version won 2016 Product of the Year in the Spreads Category. Choc’Macadamia spread is a mixture of cocoa and macadamia nuts with the smooth version containing less visible pieces of macadamia. The Macabella brand is owned by Australian company Buderim Group Limited which owns Buderim Ginger. The spread... ...Read more »

Chocolate investigation of Easter bunnies and bilbies, AFN survey
March 16, 2016

Easter is now just around the corner. For readers still looking to purchase chocolate and confectionery Australian Food News has compiled the following amongst the 2016 Easter offerings.  Bunnies out, Bilbies in this Easter Australian confectionery manufacturer Fyna Foods is seeking to persuade Australian consumers to purchase bilbies and other native animal chocolates this Easter, instead of the traditional chocolate bunnies. Fyna Foods has relaunched its “Australian Bush Friends” chocolate... ...Read more »

Australia not impacted by Mars chocolate recall
February 24, 2016

Mars chocolates manufactured in Australia has not been impacted by a global recall impacting 55 countries.   Chocolates manufactured in Mars’ Netherland production facility have today been recalled after a small piece of red plastic was found by a consumer in one of its Snickers bars purchased in Germany.   Mars Australia has however told the ABC that it was not aware at this stage of it affecting Mars products imported into Australia and the recall does not impact any of its products... ...Read more »

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