Nestle and Mars launch new chocolate bars at the same time
February 3, 2016

Nestle is releasing a 45g Milkybar with toasted coconut flakes added throughout. Milkybar is Nestle’s white chocolate brand.   Mars is launching its ‘limited edition’ ‘Snickers 3 Nuts’ which contains roasted peanuts, hazelnuts and almonds. Normal Snickers bars only include peanuts mixed in with chocolate, caramel and nougat. Snickers 3 Nuts is available in a 45g bar and a 65g “2-Pak” bar which is broken up into two servings.   The Mars and Nestle chocolates are available for... ...Read more »

New lactose-free chocolate range available at Coles
February 1, 2016

A new lactose-free chocolate range named “The Chocolate Counter” is now being sold in Coles supermarkets.   The Chocolate Counter is a chocolate producer based in Hawthorn, Victoria. The company was established in 2015.   The range includes the following flavours:   Almond and amaranth Cherry and coconut Espresso Dark chocolate Orange and teff Salted caramel and quinoa Cashew Blueberry and vanilla bean Chocolate brownie crunch Hazelnut Mylk chocolate Pecan and acai   All... ...Read more »

Kit Kat Australia launches golden Chinese New Year flavour celebration from its own retail outlet
January 25, 2016

Nestlé’s Kit Kat has launched a number of “limited edition” Kit-Kat’s in Australia plus a gold leaf option selling for the hefty price of $88.   The new Kit Kats coincide with the celebration of the approaching Chinese New Year. The new range are being sold from the new retail outlet known as the ‘Kit Kat Studio’ recently opened in Melbourne’s retail heart, Melbourne Central. Customers will have the chose of Chinese flavours including tangerine crème brulee, taro and black sesame,... ...Read more »

Devondale launches new milkshake range
January 11, 2016

Australian dairy co-operative Devondale has launched a new range of pre-made milkshakes, similar to flavoured milk cartons, to be sold in Australian supermarkets.   The milkshakes come in single 400ml serving sizes in a carton with a straw for easy drinking. Consumers are required to shake the beverage prior to consumption in order to mix the ingredients.   Fresh Devondale milk is used to create the shakes which come in four flavours: double chocolate, strawberry, chocolate and slated caramel... ...Read more »

It’s not even Christmas but Cadbury previews its 2016 Easter Eggs range
December 14, 2015

Cadbury has released a preview of its 2016 Easter egg range announcing three core new products.   Inspired by the theme ‘Surprise and Delight’ Cadbury has revealed that three new products will be available for purchase from early 2016. These are Cadbury Dairy Milk Humpty Treat-Size Egg, Cadbury Dairy Milk Hunt Bucket and Cadbury Mini Egg Jar.   Cadbury Dairy Milk Humpty Treat-Size Egg   Many Australians are familiar with Cadbury’s traditional ‘Humpty Dumpty’ egg which contains... ...Read more »

New “Healthy Chocolate” Created With Monk Fruit Juice
December 2, 2015

A sugar alternative made from the fruit juice of a small melon has helped one Australian manufacturer create a unique new range of chocolate. Created by Australian health food company Healthy Warrior under The Chocolate Counter brand, the new low sugar, high fibre chocolate line launched in Coles this week with a gluten free recipe that has no added dairy, soy, and all natural ingredients – including no artificial sweeteners but retains a comparable taste and consistency to normal chocolate. GKC... ...Read more »

Nestle gets a heap of publicity for gold leaf coated Kit Kats in Japan
November 23, 2015

Traditional Kit Kats Nestle has released 500 single gold leaf covered Kit Kats to be sold in Japan only.   Unlike a usual Kit Kat, the ‘Sublime Gold Kit Kat’ comes in a single bar instead of the traditional four bar serving.   The gold leaf covered chocolates will be sold for the equivalent of approximately AUD$23 in department stores across Japan.   Different to many other countries, Nestle sells a wide variety of unique Kit-Kat flavours in Japan. Regularly available flavours... ...Read more »

Lindt joins the westward rush of Australian food retailers
November 18, 2015

Lindt & Sprungli is expanding its ‘Lindt’ chocolate stores into South Australia with an Adelaide shop to open in December 2015.   Lindt says its new stores will offer a wider selection of chocolates than what is sold in supermarkets and other retail outlets. The shop will also stock hampers for the holiday season.   Prior to this  announcement, Lindt operated eight chocolate cafes in Australia plus another five Lindt chocolate shops spread between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.   Lindt... ...Read more »

Guylian announces 2015 Christmas chocolate range
November 2, 2015

Belgian chocolate maker Guylian has announced its 2015 Christmas range.   The range includes:   Hampers   Indulge Hamper – A assortment of Belgian chocolates. The hamper has a recommended retail price (RRP) AUD$150 or AUD$200 with Guylian Cream Liqueur Praline.   Taste Hamper – Consists of Guylian’s original Praline chocolates (RRP AUD$55)   Discover Hamper – An introductory range to Guylian’s chocolates (RRP AUD$85)   Christmas Celebrate Hamper... ...Read more »

Most Australians buy their chocolate bars from supermarkets
October 14, 2015

Roy Morgan Research has found that one-third of the Australian population buy at least one chocolate bar in an average four week period.   Supermarkets are by far the country’s favourite place to purchase chocolate bars with almost five million people buying chocolate from supermarkets. Convenience stores and petrol stations followed, accounting for 8 per cent of all chocolate bar purchases. Just over one per cent of the population buy from vending machines and  milk bars.   Interestingly,... ...Read more »

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