Mondelez International and Facebook work together on new social media technology
June 27, 2016

Mondelez International, the owner of the Cadbury brand in Australia, is renewing its global strategic relationship with social media platform, Facebook. The agreement covers 52 countries including Brazil, France, India, Indonesia, the U.K., the U.S. and the Gulf States. Mondelez, which owns numerous food brands including Cadbury and Oreo, says it will be an early user of Facebook’s newly announced ‘Audience Insights API’, a platform which allows businesses to find out more information about... ...Read more »

The digital future of food and nutrition
June 20, 2016

With more than 80% of Australians owning a smartphone, there is no doubt that mobile and digital technology, as well as the never-ending rise of social media, has had a significant impact on food trends and our beliefs and behaviors around food and nutrition.  Changing Dinner Plates Gone are the days when family members would all eat the same stock standard dinner of roast and three veg. Nowadays, there is more likely to be a different meal at every place, from mom’s paleo to dad’s high protein... ...Read more »

How to build a brand on a tiny budget
May 9, 2016

Following is an edited version of a presentation given to a group of owners of small businesses struggling with the challenges of building a brand on very limited budgets in competitive markets. This is a challenge most of my readers can relate to. It is not easy, but it can be done. Let me know what you think. 30 years ago I found myself marketing manager of a newly formed division of Dairy Farmers, the By-Products division, which we quickly renamed General Products, for obvious reasons. It... ...Read more »

Häagen-Dazs ice cream is returning to Australia
March 21, 2016

Häagen-Dazs ice cream will be sold in Australian supermarkets again after being removed 12 years ago. The American brand was first introduced to Australians by Philsbury in 1999 but it was removed five years after its launch due to poor sales. Despite being taken away from Australian freezer aisles, General Mills Australasia Managing Director Joe Ens says the timing is now right for a return. “A lot has changed in the Australian market in the last 12 years – social media barely even existed... ...Read more »

How social media can generate growth for your food business
March 16, 2016

When I was studying to become a dietitian, a gram was an essential measurement used to create the perfect nutrition concoction to feed a critically ill patient who required total parenteral nutrition. Fast forward almost two decades and a “gram” now has the power to reach thousands of people and influence many more on the very successful platform Instagram. Likes and comments on Instagram are 50 times higher than Facebook and Twitter. It’s one thing to use Instagram to show off your well-staged... ...Read more »

Aldi social media campaign hijacked
February 1, 2016

Aldi Australia has discovered the danger in asking social media followers to ‘fill in the blank’ when a Twitter post was hijacked last Friday.   Asking followers to fill in the blank to the question “I became an ALDI lover when I tasted ______ for the first time”, the supermarket quickly received some undesirable responses. Comments ranged from ones of a sexual nature to others already recognising the trouble the Tweet may cause the supermarket. One tweet for example said “@ALDIAustralia... ...Read more »

The great egg debate, FSANZ addresses concerns
January 13, 2016

Issues of food safety were highlighted earlier this week when a handful of Coles customers asked the supermarket through social media to start storing its eggs in fridges to help prevent food poisoning. With some of the consumers going so-far as to claim they will not be shopping at the supermarket until eggs are refrigerated like competitor Woolworths, Coles was left to defend itself responding to some of the messages by saying it was following all of Australia’s food safety standards.   So... ...Read more »

Top global food and drink trends for 2016
October 21, 2015

Global market research company Mintel has released its food and drink trend predictions for 2016.   From food alternatives going mainstream to matching DNA and diets, consumers can expect many innovations in product development and strengthening of several ongoing trends in the market place.   Here are the predictions:   Vegetarian alternatives to go mainstream   Mintel says that dairy, gluten and meat alternatives will no longer just be consumed by those with dietary needs.... ...Read more »

Coffee drink choice human profiling patterns shown
October 5, 2015

Social media platform Twitter has released data revealing lattes as its Australian user’s coffee of choice.   The finding were based off how often users tweeted about coffee between the 1 August and the 23 September 2015.   Twitter was also able to monitor its users to find that Australian tweets about coffee peak at 9am each day.   Australian Twitter users favourite coffees:   Latte Espresso Mocha Cappuccino Iced coffee Flat white Decaf Long Black Black Coffee Double... ...Read more »

Online food-review website shuffle as Zomato supersedes Urbanspoon
June 4, 2015

The world of online food reviewing changed for Australians this week. The world of online food reviewing changed for Australians this week. Earlier in January this year, popular food review website, Urbanspoon, announced that Indian competitor, Zomato, had acquired the company for US$52 million. From Monday this week, Urbanspoon is no longer, and all its pre-existing users have been migrated over to Zomato. When users go to log onto Urbanspoon they are instead greeted with the Zomato logo and a message... ...Read more »

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