Canned tuna food safety scare linked to Thai factory
March 11, 2015

Canned tuna food safety scare linked to Thai factory It has been reported that a tuna cannery in Thailand is being investigated by Australian Government authorities after seven people who ate canned tuna at an inner Sydney cafe were stuck down with suspected scombroid poisoning. Scombroid poisoning occurs where fish like tuna have not been subject to satisfactory temperature control, such as correct chilling, and levels of histamine increase causing food poisoning. Only one batch of tuna implicated The... ...Read more »

Market opportunities in Asia for Australian food manufacturers revealed, AFGC
July 7, 2014

The AFGC has released reports on market opportunities in Asia for food and beverage manufacturers The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) in partnership with Austrade has published a series of reports that it said aim to “deepen Australian industry understanding of the opportunities that exist within Asia”. The series of reports, released 3 July 2014, examine opportunities for specific manufactured food products – snacks, beverages, baked goods and condiments – in Malaysia, Thailand... ...Read more »

Visy opens new factory with optimism for Australian food capabilities
April 3, 2013

The head of Australian packaging and recycling company Visy, Anthony Pratt, believes Australia’s manufacturing industry has a strong future. The Australian newspaper reports that Mr Pratt made the comments while opening the new Visy Group $86 million Stapylton beverage can manufacturing facility on the Gold Coast on Thursday 28 March. The facility will be Australia’s first new can plant in more than twenty years. The new factory was “further proof that competitive manufacturing can have a bright... ...Read more »

Australian Anti-dumping investigation of Thai imports
February 4, 2013

An Anti-dumping review by the Australian government is investigating certain Thai imports. In particular, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service is investigating alleged dumping of pineapple for both the retail consumer sector and the  food service sector. The Anti-dumping laws in Australia aim to prevent countries exporting any product to Australia at below “normal price.” Interested parties have until 7 March 2013 to lodge written submissions concerning the current variable factors... ...Read more »

ACCC assesses impact on packaging market from Amcor’s proposed takeover of Aperio
March 13, 2012

Australian-based multinational packaging company Amcor is waiting for the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) to give its approval for its AU$238 million takeover of the privately owned Aperio Group. Last week, Amcor announced that it had settle a price with Aperio, and that the transaction is now subject to other conditions, including ACCC approval.  Amcor Flexibles currently has 20 manufacturing operations in seven countries. It appears that Amcor is the largest supplier of... ...Read more »

MSF Sugar directors accept Mitr Phol offer
January 19, 2012

The Directors of Australia’s only ASX-listed sugar miller, MSF Sugar (formerly Maryborough Sugar Factory Limited), have accepted a A$4.45 per share takeover offer by Thai sugar company Mitr Phol. In a media statement released yesterday, the company’s directors recommended that MSF Sugar shareholders also accept the offer in the absence of a superior proposal. According to Mitr Phol’s most recent shareholder notice (lodged with the ASX on 17 January 2012), Mitr Phol currently owns 26.9 per... ...Read more »

Tesco Lotus opens first ‘zero-carbon’ store in Asia
December 5, 2011

Tesco Lotus has opened Asia’s the first of its “zero-carbon” supermarket Asia, as part of its commitment to be a zero carbon business by 2050. Tesco Lotus is a major supermarket chain in Thailand, Cambodia and China. In Thailand, the stores are operated by the Ek-Chai Distribution System Co. According to Tesco Lotus, the new store in Bang Pra, Thailand, will put back into the Thai National Grid as much energy as it uses over the course of a year. Renewable fuel is converted into energy... ...Read more »

EDITORIAL: Why not export massive food surplus to poverty-stricken countries?
November 18, 2011

Australia is facing a huge glut of potatoes. Prices for potatoes for the Australian domestic market will soon drop below  farm production costs. Greengrocers and supermarkets are acquiring potatoes at bargain prices. We are constantly reminded by the Australian Government and its consultant experts that the world is running out of food. They tell us that Australia needs to produce more food for the impending famine faced by the world. Yet, we already have the scenario of many countries currently... ...Read more »

Australian potato glut is one of the biggest in history
November 18, 2011

Potato growers across Australia are threatening to plough surplus potatoes back into the ground or leave them to rot in what is reported to be one of the biggest potato gluts in Australian history. Australian potato grower and Chairman of the Australian Potato Industry Advisory Committee, David Nix, has seen double the tonnage of potatoes on his farm in Atherton, Queensland, compared to last year. Mr Nix told Australian Food News today, “This year has brought a wave of excess potatoes across... ...Read more »

The Coffee Club serves up new Thai temptations
February 8, 2011

Australian-based coffee chain The Coffee Club has announced a new limited-edition ‘Taste of Thailand’ menu, combining fresh, seasonally-available produce with exotic Thai flavours. According to The Coffee Club Director John Lazarou, the new ‘Taste of Thailand’ menu features Thai-inspired meals created by learning the secrets of authentic Thai cuisine, a country where the chain has recently opened a series of outlets. “I am fortunate to have had regular visits to Thailand over the last few... ...Read more »

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