American markets absorb love for Aussie wine: Wine Australia report
April 20, 2016

The United States is still the number one export destination for Australian wine says a new report by Wine Australia. Measuring Australia’s top export markets by value, the US remains on top with exports to the country worth a total AUD $442 million between April 2015 – March 2016. This was a 4 per cent increase on the previous corresponding 12 months. China continues to grow as a valuable wine export market for Australia, it overtook the UK as the second most valuable wine export market... ...Read more »

Australians’ drinking habits distilled into 100 glasses: Roy Morgan Research
April 6, 2016

In any given four-week period across 2015 Australian adults drank just over 426 million glasses of alcohol between them says a new study from Roy Morgan Research. This translates to an average of 23 glasses per person every four weeks. For every 100 glasses of alcohol consumed by Australians in the average four week periods, 48 were beer, 25 still wine, 11 spirits, six ‘ready-to-drink’, four sparkling wine or champagne, three cider, two liqueur and one fortified wine. The 100-glass breakdown:... ...Read more »

Casella does Europe on its own, for Australia’s global wine best-known
March 15, 2016

The family business behind one of Australia’s top selling exported wine brands, Yellow Tail, is establishing UK branch to market its wine across Europe. Casella Family Brands is a wine company based at Yenda in the NSW Riverina. It had been using Percy Fox & Co as its UK distributor of its popular Yellow Tail wine. However, Casella will take over its own distribution from 1 May 2016. Casella says it has a two-part expansion plan with Phase One focusing on ensuring it can sell Yellow Tail wine... ...Read more »

Australian wine no laughing matter for famous Chinese comedian big-time investor
March 9, 2016

A Chinese comedian has made the largest private label wine exporting deal in Australian history agreeing to export 800, 000 bottles of Victorian shiraz into his home country.   Comedian Guo Degang is popular celebrity in China and is amongst the country’s top 100 richest celebrities.   Degang’s influence will now expand outside comedy after striking a deal with Mt Duneed Estate in Geelong, Victoria. The deal will start with the export of 800, 0000 bottles but should expand to a AUD$100... ...Read more »

Aldi closes online liquor store
March 2, 2016

Aldi will be closing its online liquor shop for Australian shoppers citing that it wants to concentrate on its store expansion plans instead.   Aldi’s Australian online liquor website, named Aldi Liquor, was launched in August 2013. The supermarket chain however said the website will be shut down on 24 March 2016.   “With extensive expansion plans now well underway, we have made the decision to close our online liquor store as of 4pm Thursday 24 March 2016,” an Aldi spokesperson said.   “The... ...Read more »

Women drinkers are making sure wine is Australia’s favourite alcoholic drink
March 2, 2016

More Australians are drinking wine then beer and it is because of women’s taste for wine says the latest data from Roy Morgan Research.   According to the study, 45.1 per cent of adult Australians drank wine at least once a month in 2015. Only 37.6 per cent drank beer monthly, making wine the nation’s favourite alcoholic beverage.   Roy Morgan Research says wine’s top spot position is attributed to 4.6 million Australian women 18+, or 49 per cent of the adult female population, drinking... ...Read more »

New national radio food, wine and produce program to launch
October 28, 2015

A new food, wine and produce themed radio program is preparing to launch Australia-wide on the Macquarie Radio Network.   Named ‘What’s Cooking’, the weekly one-hour show will center around interviews with producers, winemakers and chefs.   Different from many other food-related programs, the Macquarie Network says the show will make time to focus on food producers and farmers, so listeners can get a better understanding of the whole industry.   The program will be hosted... ...Read more »

Australian seasonal drinking habits as distilled by Roy Morgan Research
September 7, 2015

The latest market findings from Roy Morgan Research has confirmed that as soon as winter hits Australians are putting down the beer and picking up red and fortified wines instead.   The findings revealed that this has been occurring for at least the past decade.   Over the past 10 years, the average proportion of Australians drinking beer during the July-September quarter is 37.6%, compared with a long-term average of 43% for the January-March quarter.                     Graph Source:... ...Read more »

Australia’s cask wine drinkers continue to decline, Roy Morgan Research
August 3, 2015

The latest findings from Roy Morgan Research indicate that 45% of Aussie adults (or just over 8.1 million people) drink some kind of wine — still, sparkling and/or fortified — in an average four weeks, down from 50% in 2007. Of these, 16% (almost 1.3 million people) consume cask wine, a substantial decline from the 30% (2.3 million) who drank it back in 2007. Considering that a South Australian invented the wine cask, it seems fitting that wine drinkers from SA are more likely than those from... ...Read more »

Drinking alcohol while pregnant is common in UK, Ireland, and Australasia
July 8, 2015

Drinking alcohol while pregnant is common, ranging from 20% to 80% among those questioned in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, reveals a study of almost 18,000 women. The research found in Volume 5, Issue 7 of BMJ Open and lead by Dr Linda O’Keeffe discovered women across all social strata drank during pregnancy, the findings showed. But expectant mums were significantly more likely to be drinkers if they were also smokers. The researchers base their findings on an analysis of data from... ...Read more »

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