Non-GM baby formula ‘unrealistic’ – industry

  • May 3, 2011

Greenpeace babyfood protestThe war between manufacturers of infant formula and activist group Greenpeace has taken another step, with industry lobby group the Infant Nutrition Council stating that they are not capable of producing formula without any genetically modified content, and that such a demand is “unrealistic and unworkable” – despite the fact that their products are not accordingly labelled.

The statement was made by the Council, which represents a number of baby food manufacturers, including Heinz, Nestlé, Nutricia and Fonterra, to a senate inquiry on food labelling laws.

“The about-face by these manufacturers is just scandalous,” said Laura Kelly, GM Campaigner, Greenpeace. “We have spent the last year testing their products and finding varying levels of GM contamination and every time we did these same manufacturers said it was “an accident’” that their product contain GM’.

“Now they’re telling Australian consumers it was not an accident, it was inevitable. It’s only “inevitable” because they insist on sourcing their soy from countries like Brazil and the US. These countries have 80% – 90% of their crop genetically modified. And because they have no labelling laws themselves, cross-contamination is rife.

“It is time the Federal government stopped allowing these transnational companies to exploit Australian labelling law – we have a right to know what we are feeding our kids, especially when it comes to GM, which has never been proven safe for infants.

“If the companies are now saying contamination is inevitable then they must be made to label their products MAY CONTAIN GM PRODUCTS.

“If they want to prevent contamination the simple answer is to buy Australian, where none of the soy is GM. That way contamination is simply not possible. Surely the Federal government would support Australian farmers in pushing for this clarity.”


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One Response to “Non-GM baby formula ‘unrealistic’ – industry”

  1. Sue Duncan on May 6th, 2011 9:50 am

    Why is it that just a handful of global companies want to dominate the food supply industry with GM foods? Why is it that our government does not have enough scientists to independantly assess the impact of GM foods, rather than reyling on the global companies to do the “reserach” which ultimately tells us how good it is for us. Australia has most to lose from GM foods. Europe does not want it, so well done Greenpeace for their ongoing efforts.

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