FSANZ reviewing changes to Australia’s nutrition and health claims standard

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has announced a proposal to address issues identified in relation to Australia’s laws on nutrition and health claims standard and has called for submissions from food companies and other stakeholders. The change is in addition to other recently-announced foreshadowed changes. FSANZ Chief Executive Officer Steve McCutcheon said discrepancies between different... Read more »


Bad manufacturing news in Australia, but good news on Mars

The Australian Industry Group (AI Group), which represents Australia’s major industry groups, says that manufacturing within Australia slumped in the month of June 2015. Nevertheless, the “food, beverages and tobacco” sector was the leading sector amongst only four industry group sectors that did... Read more »


New TempReport software now available

‘TempReport’ is the new software for the new wireless data loggers. No longer do data loggers need to be collected to be read and then brought back with the files showing only historic data. Instead, the software is an active temperature monitoring system, transmitting directly from wireless... Read more »

Same Day Test for Brettanomyces bruxellensis

Brettanomyces bruxellensis (Brett) is a commonly occurring organism in the brewing and wine industries, which can alter the taste and aroma of finished product. Since Brett can cause varying degrees of spoilage of wine, it is important for winemakers to check for the presence of this organism in their... Read more »

Food, cosmetics texture testing and analysing machine

The TA1 texture analyser provided from Bestech Australia is excellent at testing compression, shear, extrusion, puncture, hardness forces, etc. within food testing, pet food testing, cosmetics testing and pharmaceuticals testing. The texture analyzer has a large working area of 180 mm throat depth for... Read more »

Reduce wastage, lower costs and increase efficiency in your warehouse

Endeavour Solutions Australia with Greentree4 Inventory Management Greentree4 Inventory Management offers the latest in managing your warehouse requirements. This flexible system is designed to streamline your business processes and offer intelligent solutions for warehousing your stock all while offering... Read more »

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Consumer power is on the march in Australia

The unrepentant voices of complaining Australian consumers are ringing loud and clear. The latest instances have impacted on two of the country’s best-known brands, Glad Wrap and Nestle’s Allen’s Lollies. Glad Wrap cuts through for consumer break-through Glad Wrap has responded to a barrage of... Read more »

Featured Video- Pepsi Max Presents: This Falafel Is Making Me Thirsty!

Featured Video- Minions Happy Meal at McDonalds


Kennett’s arbitration forces Coles to refund its suppliers

Action by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has led to a refund by Coles of  $12 million to the supermarket’s suppliers. The... Read more »

Coeliac Australia releases its July 2015 product endorsement list

Coeliac Australia has released its latest food endorsement list. The list contains an approved list of gluten-free foods that are safe for Coeliacs to... Read more »

3 essential pieces of the supermarket business model

Allen Roberts is a guest contributor to Australian Food News and writes another of his regular articles here.   A short while ago, I posted “10... Read more »

Guylian chocolate plan to expand retail presence

Belgian-chocolate brand Guylian has plans for rapid cafe expansion across Australia. The manufacturer currently has a presence in local supermarkets selling... Read more »


Mars receives accolades for its Pedigree radio station for NZ dogs

Mars New Zealand has received industry accolades for its launch of a radio station for dogs, K9FM. In a marketing campaign for its pet food brand, Pedigree,... Read more »

Seinfeld Soup Nazi finds his match in Israel

Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi has returned with a vengeance for Israeli food. The famous character, known for the strict conditions he would inflict on those... Read more »

Blackcurrants help keep brain sharp, NZ research

New research has found that some New Zealand grown blackcurrants may help keep the mind young and agile. Findings backed by a group of scientists, based... Read more »

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Krispy Kreme releases ‘Decadent Desserts’ without 7-Eleven

Despite convenience store 7-Eleven operating as a major distributor of Krispy Kreme... Read more »

SunRice launches new Street Snacks product line

SunRice has launched a new range of ready-to-eat snacks called ‘SunRice Street... Read more »

Birds Eye launches fish for kids

Simplot Australia’s Birds Eye brand has developed a new frozen fish product for... Read more »

Greentree gives Maria’s Pasta the ingredients for success

The growth of pasta manufacturer, Maria’s Pasta, has been fast and constant over... Read more »

Little Creatures Brewing Ltd introduces new Victorian beer

Little Creatures Brewing Ltd has introduced a new beer into Dan Murphy’s. Furphy... Read more »

PCR – a new test in the battle against Brettanomyces spoilage yeast in wine

Introduction The molecular biology technique PCR has now been applied to the determination... Read more »

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