Can the Australian dairy industry be saved?

Deputy Prime Minster Barnaby Joyce has this week announced a $550 million support package for Australian dairy farmers in hopes of saving their farms after a sudden crash in milk returns to farmers in the past month. The package includes $555 million in concessional loans for farmers and $2 million to establish a commodity milk price index. Despite the announcement, dairy farmer street rallies went... Read more »


Changes to US nutrition facts labels

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced major changes to nutrition fact labels displayed on food and beverages sold in the US. The changes were implemented to help consumers make health conscious decisions and to reflect new scientific discoveries related to diet. According to Registrar... Read more »


New Thermal Indicators to Ensure Cold Shipment Integrity

Many types of goods including food, pharmaceuticals, and chemical reagents must be kept cold while in storage and transit. So, if you ship your goods on ice or under refrigeration, you need to be certain that those cold temperatures were maintained. Traditionally this has been done with the use of electronic... Read more »

How to cost-effectively code film packaging

If you’re looking to cost-effectively print high-density, fully compliant barcodes and labels that have longevity, or anything from simple date and batch codes to logos, product descriptions, ingredients lists and nutritional panels, then a Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO) is perfect. TTO’s are... Read more »

Experts head compelling line-up for 49th Annual AIFST Convention

A panel of Australia’s leaders in food will address the industry in Brisbane next month for the 49th Annual AIFST Convention. The Convention, which will be held from 27-28 June at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, has attracted an esteemed program of speakers, set to debate the challenges... Read more »

Tandem Trading Introduces 100% FRUIT FIBRES

Tandem Trading is excited to now be able to offer 100% fruit fibres in a range of options. Tandem Trading has teamed up with The Food Revolution Group, an Australian company with novel technology to recover and purify fibre from fruit.  We can offer Orange, Apple, Pear and a patented combination of... Read more »

What's New

Peters Australia partners with Nestle for confectionery inspired ice cream range

Peters Ice Cream Australia is now selling ice cream tubs inspired by Nestle confectionery brands. The range, which is available from Coles and Woolworths, consists of: Milo: Milo flavoured ice cream with choc pieces throughout Fantales: Caramel flavoured ice cream with chocolate sauce and chewy caramels... Read more »

Featured Video- Weet-Bix Blends TVC via Channelzero

Featured Video- Kelloggs Nutri-Grain Edge Oat Clusters


Capilano Honey seeks $16.8 million for business expansion

  Capilano Honey this week announced intentions to raise AUD $16.8 million in capital to fund business growth. Capilano says the money will fund the... Read more »

UK obesity forum criticises low-fat diets

A important group of UK health and nutrition professionals has criticised the idea that fat should be avoided as part of a healthy diet. Writing in a report,... Read more »

Mt Everest death “vegan death story viral attacks

The death of an Australian-based academic who died climbing Mount Everest is being connected to her vegan diet despite there being no evidence this was... Read more »

Australian’s rank Chinese cuisine as their favourite, Roy Morgan Research

Chinese food remains Australia’s favourite cuisine four years running says a new report from Roy Morgan Research. According to Roy Morgan, 2015 marked... Read more »


Monsanto rejects Bayer $62 billion acquisition bid

Agricultural giant Monsanto has rejected US $62 billion acquisition bid from pharmaceutical and chemical company Bayer AG. Monsanto this week said its... Read more »

Birth defects connected to father’s alcohol use

Academics in the US have published a new study reporting a growing body of research connecting birth defects to a father’s alcohol use. The study, which... Read more »

Wal-Mart vs. Amazon in FMCG and food in new online battle

While online grocery shopping is just growing in Australia, it is the focus of a new global war between two of America’s global biggest retailers. Both... Read more »

What's New

Tyrrells Crisps now made in Australia

Well-known UK brand Tyrrells Crisps are now being manufactured in Victoria’s... Read more »

Charlie’s Cookies goes ‘artisan’

Charlie’s Cookies is promoting what it describes as an ‘artisan’ range of biscuits... Read more »

Impressed Juices expands its range

Impressed Juices is expanding its product range to include new flavours and larger... Read more »

FSANZ to run symposiums in Canberra and Wellington

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) is celebrating its 25th anniversary... Read more »

Silk can keep fruit fresh without refrigeration

Silk may have a second-use outside the textiles industry with scientists discovering... Read more »

Garlo’s Pies takes to the skies

Garlo’s Pies are now available on Emirates flights between Auckland to Dubai. It... Read more »

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