Victoria’s Tripod lettuce update with 128 salmonella poisoning cases so far

Tripod lettuce has been associated with 128 cases of salmonella poisoning according to the latest news release from the Victorian Department of Health today, but production has now fully resumed after a government supervised inspection.   The 128 cases includes 10 confirmed and 118 probable cases. The Victorian Department of Health says further laboratory testing is underway as it continues to... Read more »


Vegetarianism on the rise in New Zealand: Roy Morgan Research

New Zealanders who follow a vegetarian diet or eat vegetarian most of the time has increased by 27 per cent since 2011 according to Roy Morgan Research.   In research conducted during the 12 months leading up to June 2015, 10.3 per cent of New Zealanders over the age of 14 said they are always or... Read more »


Modern laser makes its mark for cost effectiveness

Anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and high quality presentation are just three qualities that laser coding offers. An extremely fast, cost-effective way to place permanent, human-readable text or a host of codes — such as barcodes,date codes, batch codes, QR codes, and so on — onto primary and... Read more »

Volume flow measurement comes of age

From on-site calibration to on-board compensation of pressure and temperature The importance of volume flow measurements to air quality and operating costs has been underestimated for many years. The observations below clearly illustrate this point: 1. Although verification measurements are usually... Read more »

Matthews Mperia T-Series: the next generation in impulse inkjet coding technology

Matthews Mperia T-Series High Resolution Printers are the next generation of industrial inkjet technology. With optimised drop control, high-speed printing capabilities and easy-to-use interface, the T-Series provides an exceptional high resolution print solution. And because it is designed to be flexible... Read more »

Technology review: inkjet coding and marking?

Inkjet technology is the “hip grandfather” of coding and marking — it’s been around for a long time, but technology evolutions mean it can still provide excellent solutions for today’s businesses. Huge improvements over the years have seen it shake off its former reputation of needing high... Read more »

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Coca-Cola South Pacific launches new ice tea line

Coca-Cola South Pacific is now selling a new line of ice tea in Australia called Fuze Tea.   Described as an “aspirational iced tea offering” it will be positioned as a premium product within the ice tea category.   The range consists of five flavours including Wild Raspberry and Hibiscus,... Read more »

Featured Video- KFC Super Bowl Commercial 2016 Dream Big Game

Featured Video- McDonald's All Day Breakfast Super Bowl Commercial 2016 NFL Network


Australian dairy industry growth in winning formula

Infant formula sales have grown by 30 per cent in the past year according to Dairy Australia’s new Situation and Outlook report released today.   The... Read more »

Why did Thomas Dux really fail?

There is a whole lot of discussion around the progressive closure of Thomas Dux stores by owner Woolworths, and the assumption that it will be closed... Read more »

Dominos continues to invest in technology by launching an innovation lab

Dominos Australia yesterday unveiled its new Brisbane located innovation lab it will share with start-ups and entrepreneurs.   Named “DLab” the... Read more »

Australian beetroot juice in hot demand by Dubai royalty

An Australian farmer has struck purple gold selling beetroot juice to a Dubai prince looking for a secret weapon to feed his racing horses.   Speaking... Read more »


Doritos creates winning Super Bowl commercial thanks to an Aussie

A Doritos advertisement created by an Australian is the most shared advertisement of the 2016 Super Bowl commercials.   Ranked by US measurement agency... Read more »

S-26 Gold Toddler and Junior infant formula to be manufactured in Australia

Aspen Nutritionals S-26 Gold Toddler and S-26 Gold Junior infant formula will now be manufactured in Australia.   S-26 Gold Newborn and S-26 Gold... Read more »

Will Carl’s Jr succeed in Australia?

US burger chain Carl’s Jr opened its first restaurant in Australia last week and it appears to have been a successful one with some customers lining... Read more »

What's New

Vending machine selling raw meat now located in the middle of Paris

A Paris based butcher has installed a vending machine outside his shop so customers... Read more »

Modern laser makes its mark for cost effectiveness

Anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and high quality presentation are just three... Read more »

Serialisation: protecting brands and supply chains

Serialisation is not new. It’s the process of putting a unique number on a product,... Read more »

Chobani enters into dips market

Greek yoghurt producer Chobani is now selling a range of dips in Australian supermarkets.   The... Read more »

Hans Continental launches new deli meats range produced with olive oil

Hans Continental is now selling a new range of deli meats produced with olive oil.   The... Read more »

Coca-Cola South Pacific launches ‘Be More Fanta’ campaign

Coca-Cola South Pacific is asking its customers to embrace the fun side of life in... Read more »

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