Not all Australians are obsessed with food, Roy Morgan Research

Roy Morgan Research has revealed most Australians are not actually obsessed with food despite a growing cafe culture and a large number of cooking shows currently airing on TV.   After breaking up the nation into segments based on attitudes towards food, it was found that 23 per cent of people hold the attitude of ‘Just Feed Me’ when it comes to food. Nearly 60 per cent of this group are... Read more »


China remains top grocery market, India among fastest growing

According to recent projections compiled before the recent China stock exchange meltdown, Chinese grocery had been set to grow by a third between now and 2020 and reach US$1.5tn per year, according to the UK’s Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD). China is nonetheless expected to comfortably retain... Read more »


‘Most innovative’ award-winning CJ400 heavy on benefits

Cutting costs while being environmentally mindful is a winning combination. And in a continuous inkjet printer (CIJ) it’s even better. The Linx CJ400 from Matthews uses up to 40% less ink and 33% less solvent. The UK’s Processing & Packaging Machinery Association thought those benefits, on top... Read more »

Aerial thermography of large industrial plants

Locating weak points in electrical switchgear or on buil­dings using thermography has become state of the art. However, it is difficult to get an unlimited overview in large industrial plants and due to limited access, any detailed analysis is very time-consuming or almost impossible. Modern drones... Read more »

How to achieve expected shelf life of food

The shelf life of foods depends how they are processed, stored and packaged. Failure to meet specific conditions of any links may lead to fatal disaster threatening wellbeing of the customer and brand equity. Quality assurance of pillowcase and can packaging for food and sauces can be crucial to meet... Read more »

Matthews adds technologies with Compact agency

  Matthews Australasia has been appointed the Australasian agent for Compact Labelling Systems. Mark Dingley, General Manager of Matthews, says, “The Compact range has both automatic and semi-automatic models that will suit a wide variety of applications. “The easy-to-set-up, robust units are... Read more »

What's New

Woolworths expands its private label ice cream offerings

Woolworths has expanded its private label ice cream product range.   Australian Woolworths supermarkets are now selling the following new ice creams:   Apple Tumble  500ml tub – apple flavoured ice cream with a sweet apple sauce swirled throughout and biscuit crumble Aussie Caramite... Read more »

Featured Video- Eat well Go live life

Featured Video- Tim Cahill 'Weet-Bix Off Head' Trick Shot


7-Eleven responds to employee underpayment claims

7-Eleven Australia has responded to claims franchisees have been underpaying workers saying an independent panel will be set up to investigate.   The... Read more »

Barbecue trends in Australia not just a gourmet shrimp on the barbie

A new survey has revealed that Australians are going gourmet when it comes to BBQ foods.   The study conducted by BeefEater Barbecues and Kid Magazine... Read more »

Childhood coeliac disease discovery opens door for potential treatments

A new study has revealed childhood coeliac disease mirrors the condition in adults, increasing the possibility a coeliac disease therapy that could enable... Read more »

Woolworths report on a year profits turned sour

The latest Woolworths Limited results released last Friday revealed an $2.156 billion net profit after tax for the financial year ending 20 June 2015,... Read more »


Purple potatoes may help in the fight against bowel cancer

Naturally purple-fleshed potatoes may aid in killing bowel cancer stem cells, according to a team of international researchers who found that compounds... Read more »

Probiotics class action against Yakult USA

A class action has been brought against fermented milk drink makers Yakult in the USA concerning health claims made on the product.   A motion to... Read more »

Health conscious consumers turning to beetroot

Health conscious Australians are making beetroot a kitchen staple according to AUSVEG’s Project Harvest consumer research.    Interest in beetroot... Read more »

What's New

Cadbury introduces premium chocolate brand

Mondelez International’s Cadbury has announced it will be introducing a new premium... Read more »

Unilever Magnum launches into confectionery and chocolate in Australia as part of a global brand extension

Unilever’s Magnum Ice Cream is preparing to launch a confectionery line into Australia.The... Read more »

The Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST) presents: Who’s Responsible?

Do you know what you need to do within an FMCG company to manage risk, compliance... Read more »

Wicked Sister introduces new rice pudding products

Australian dessert brand Wicked Sister has launched two new rice pudding products... Read more »

Mars launches banana flavoured M&M’s into Australia

Mars has launched banana flavoured M&M’s into the Australian market.   The... Read more »

Safcol introduces ready-to-eat salmon meals

Seafood producer Safcol has introduced a new ready-to-eat salmon meal range into... Read more »

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