Awareness of the Health Star Rating system increasing

New research commissioned by Australian government ministers has found that awareness of the Australian Federal Government’s Health Star Rating system is increasing.   A report tabled to the Australian and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation held in Canberra last Friday 20 November 2015 found that 42 per cent of people are now aware of the Health Star Rating system. This compares... Read more »


Pfizer and Allergan announce multi-billion dollar merger

US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has announced its intentions to undertake the second-largest company merger in history by joining with Irish drug company Allergan.   If it goes ahead, the deal will be worth US$160 billion which is equivalent to $220 billion Australian dollars.   The merger would... Read more »


AsureQuality Academy – Growing Global Experts

  Food safety assurance company AsureQuality established its own in house Academy earlier this year. The Academy will provide a learning pathway focussing on technical training and career progression for its 1700 staff. The first induction training programme commenced early in 2015 for newly appointed... Read more »

Frozen organic vegetables available

TANDEM TRADING sources FROZEN ORGANIC VEGETABLES from the first and one of the largest expert enterprises that specialises in planting, processing and exporting FROZEN ORGANIC VEGETABLES from China. All farms are certified by ECOCERT with standards of NOP, EU and JAS. The processing facilities are fully... Read more »

Same-Day Test for Campylobacter

Campylobacter is a pathogenic bacteria and one of the most common causes of food poisoning in Australia. Symptoms include diarrhoea, abdominal pain, and fever that lasts up to two weeks. It is most commonly associated with contaminated poultry, water and unpasteurized dairy.  Current screening methods... Read more »

Ensure every product metal-contaminant free

Metal detection systems help you ensure that every product leaving your factory door is free from metal contaminants. Easily installed and integrated into your production line, metal detection systems are a reliable and cost-effective way to protect your brand from product recalls and withdrawals. But... Read more »

What's New

Coopers Brewery launches new craft DIY brewing extracts

Coopers Brewery has launched a new series of DIY beer extracts in response to the growing interest in craft beer.   The extracts are being released under its Thomas Cooper label and have been designed to help DIY brewers mimic the most popular styles of craft beer.   Cooper Marketing Manager... Read more »

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Bulla promotes its Australian origins in new advertising campaign

Bulla Dairy Foods has launched a new advertising campaign focused on promoting its Australian heritage.   Using ‘unfakeable’ as its tagline, two... Read more »

Rosella seeks to win back its lost generation

For many older Australians Rosella is synonymous with tomato sauce.   “I remember the iconic glass bottle sitting on my grandmother’s kitchen... Read more »

Genetically modified fruit fly to be trialled in WA to protect fruit crop

Western Australian (WA) researchers are trialling technology which offers an innovative way to control the destructive Mediterranean fruit fly.   Horticulture... Read more »

Potato chips maintains No.1 ranking as Australia’s favourite snack, Roy Morgan

The latest Roy Morgan Research has confirmed that potato chips top the category of Australia’s favourite snacks, a status the humble packet chip (or... Read more »


Medical research shows walnut health effects

Eating a handful of walnuts each day has been linked to a better overall diet and an improvement in certain risk factors amongst people at high risk of... Read more »

Nestle gets a heap of publicity for gold leaf coated Kit Kats in Japan

Traditional Kit Kats Nestle has released 500 single gold leaf covered Kit Kats to be sold in Japan only.   Unlike a usual Kit Kat, the ‘Sublime... Read more »

Building Your Food Business

You have good product concept or a good food product that you want to make it a business. However, you are not sure if it is a good idea. Now, where do... Read more »

What's New

Almond Breeze introduces new long-life Almond milk combinations into range

Almond Breeze has launched two new long-life milk options into Australian supermarkets.   ‘Unsweetened... Read more »

Gloria Jean’s launches praline Christmas beverage line

Gloria Jean’s have launched its 2015 Christmas beverages with praline as the main... Read more »

‘SmartBottle’ allows customers to fill up and pay with bottle’s microchip

Melbourne-based company Frank Green Pty Ltd has launched a ‘SmartBottle’ which... Read more »

Lucky Cashew Meal hits supermarket shelves

Lucky Nuts has launched a new cashew meal product in Australia.   Made of grounded... Read more »

AsureQuality first in World to Issue an Accredited FSSC22000-Q Certificate

Food safety assurance provider AsureQuality is the first Conformity Assessment Body... Read more »

Muffin Break brings back the ‘Duffin’

Muffin Break’s ‘Duffin’ has made a comeback.   A cross between a muffin... Read more »

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