Woolworths to close more stores, 500 HQ jobs to go now, new 3-5 year turnaround plan

The Woolworths Group has announced it is culling 500 head office jobs and closing seventeen Woolworths supermarkets as part of its revival plans. On top of the seventeen Woolworths supermarkets to close, six of the group’s New Zealand Countdown supermarkets will shut up shop. Four of Woolworths’ Metro Australian convenience stores will also close along with three hotels. It is expected that the... Read more »


Yalumba Wines push into Chinese market

Australia’s oldest family owned winery, Yalumba, is expanding its push into China. The South Australia based Yalumba has been producing wine since 1849, but is now taking on the Chinese market. It has recently formed a partnership with leading Chinese distributor, ASC Fine Wines and it will be the... Read more »


Global expert discusses the biggest threats to food safety

Food fraud and large scale product recalls, continue to make headlines around the world affecting food businesses of all sizes. Today, more than ever before food businesses need to be on the front foot to deal with the numerous challenges presented by the complexities of a global supply chain. Dawn Welham,... Read more »

Here’s how next-gen robots are changing manufacturing

Robots are no longer the unyielding, one-task giants doing humans’ dull and dangerous work. The new breed can perform more than one task and work alongside humans without being a physical threat. As a result, manufacturers across industries are looking at robots in new ways. Here’s how next-gen... Read more »

Growing bottled water market still needs one thing

Bottled water’s popularity continues to grow globally, particularly in Asia. Last year, China overtook the USA as the world’s No.1 consumer of bottled water, while India sits at 10. As with many foods and beverages, the drawcard is product purity. This year’s China-Australia trade conference heard... Read more »

Review: labelling technologies, which do you need?

Labels are perfect for normal product runs and promotions, where they offer a cost-effective solution for short runs or time periods, without needing new packaging. Labelling offers many different ways to code, mark and identify products. Labels can be used from primary to tertiary levels, on individual... Read more »

What's New

BFree wraps enter Australian supermarkets

BFree are now selling quinoa and chia seed wraps in Woolworths supermarkets. BFree is an Irish health food company currently expanding its Australian product range. It recently introduced sweet potato and multigrain wraps into local supermarkets. The quinoa and chia see wrap includes teff, flax seeds,... Read more »

Featured Video- Jamie's Ministry of Food changing behaviour for the better

Featured Video- Type 1 cooking courses for people with diabetes


Coles forced into Distribution Centre bypass during workers strike

Coles has been forced to establish an alternative distribution measure for perishable items sold in its Victorian and Tasmania supermarkets whilst employees... Read more »

Beechworth Sweets ad banned due to golliwog

A television advertisement has been banned by the Advertising Standards Board for including a golliwog doll. The Beechworth Sweets Co. was advertising... Read more »

Coca-Cola says it “share many key values” with its Olympics marketing campaign

Coca-Cola South Pacific has launched its 2016 Rio Olympics marketing campaign. Titled ‘#ThatsGold’, the campaign encourages consumers to celebrate... Read more »

Just because it says ‘organic’ doesn’t mean it is

Australian Organic, a promotion group for organic foods, is warning consumers to watch out for fake organic foods this Organic Awareness Month. Lunching... Read more »


Australia’s overseas fresh food inspection regime to be phased out

The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has announced it is phasing out its own inspectors examining fresh food imports pre-shipment... Read more »

Australian company to bring fresh milk to Fiji

ASX-listed dairy company, Australian Natural Proteins, is partnering with a Fijian family to start producing fresh, organic milk in Fiji. All milk currently... Read more »

Unilever FMCG acquisition uses ‘Club’ subscription model to bypass supermarket channel

A customer club with an ongoing subscription for club members may offer your food brand or manufacturing plant a new way to beat supermarkets to the punch. Establishing... Read more »

What's New

Helga’s introduces Wholemeal Gluten-free bread loaf into supermarkets

Helga’s is now selling a wholemeal gluten free bread loaf in Australian supermarkets. It... Read more »

Bounce Bites now available in Woolworths

Bounce Bite snacks are now available in Woolworths supermarkets across Australia. The... Read more »

Smith’s Chips launches Hot Wing chips as Australian tastes evolve

Smith’s Chips is now selling ‘Hot Wings’ flavoured chips through Coles supermarkets. The... Read more »

US’ Gelato Fiasco arrives in Australia

US gelato brand, ‘Gelato Fiasco’, is now available in 7-Eleven convenience stores... Read more »

Wesfarmers introduces liquor home delivery

Wesfarmers’ First Choice Liquor chain has introduced a home delivery service. It... Read more »

Sunny Queen serves up meal solutions for coeliacs

Sunny Queen Meal Solutions, the wholesale supplier arm of Sunny Queen which sells... Read more »

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