Added sugar consumption unsweetened by Heart Foundation

Australian teenage boys are eating more than 10kg of free sugar from soft drinks alone, prompting the Heart Foundation to again call on the Australian Government to examine the merits of a health levy on sugary-sweetened beverages, and on Australians to reduce their intake of junk food. This follows the release of new Australian Bureau of Statistics data revealing that one in two Australians exceed... Read more »


Hershey’s invests in ‘meat bars’ as Americans eat less chocolate, says Quartz

Could dried ‘meat bars’ be just as popular as chocolate bars? The Hershey Company is hoping this will be the case revealing this month that it will be launching a new line of jerky bars under its recently acquired Krave Jerky brand, according to a recent report by the US-based Quartz newsletter. According... Read more »


Off-line leak detector for seal integrity

To ensure seal integrity and quality control, products that come off the packaging line should undergo regular testing by using package leak detection equipment. Off-line leak detector testing can be done to detect problems with seal integrity to ensure that problems do not go undetected, resulting in... Read more »

Technology Review: Label Printer Applicators

Ongoing advances in Label Printer Applicator (LPA) technology have led to rugged, high-performing workhorses that are smart choices — even in highly demanding environments. So in a world where time is money, more manufacturers and processors are looking to automate their labelling with LPAs, which... Read more »

Improved On-Site Strip Test Detects Soy in 11 Minutes

With the launch of an improved Romer AgraStrip® Soy, the total assay time of its lateral flow device is reduced to 11 minutes while maintaining high standards of analytical accuracy. In addition, a new Extraction Reagent will allow for the recovery of processed soy protein. It uses a new and improved... Read more »

Natural dried Turkish figs

Tandem Trading is pleased to announce that from May 2016 we will have NATURAL DRIED TURKISH FIGS for sale.  Available in full pallet lots ie 50ctns x 10kg/pallet. This product is 100 % dried figs.  Processing factory is fully certified : BRC ; TSE ISO9001:2008 ; TSE ISO22000 ; BCI SA8000:2008 NATURAL... Read more »

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Herbert Adams gourmet pies launched in Woolworths

A range of “slow-cooked” Herbert Adams pies has been launched at Woolworths supermarkets. The pies are sold in single-serve portions as a gourmet food. Patties Foods, owner of the Herbert Adams brand, says the pie fillings are cooked for 6-8 hours. The range includes a choice of different ingredients... Read more »

Featured Video- Oreo Thins TVC 15 sec

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Saturated fats not so bad after all, say leading Australian scientists

Two of Australia’s leading academics in nutritional health have taken a swipe at the current orthodoxy concerning which fats are health or unhealthy. Professor... Read more »

Murray Goulburn brings in new leadership after trading halt

Dairy company Murray Goulburn has today revealed its Managing Director Gary Helou will be stepping down and has downgraded its expected profits for the... Read more »

Arnott’s Shapes flares consumer revolt after Health Star and flavour reformulation

Arnott’s Shapes have been a favourite of many Australians for decades, but a recipe change has gone down badly with some customers. Altered to improve... Read more »

Foodbank and Aussie Farmers Foundation partner to fight rural hunger

The Aussie Farmers Foundation has pledged to fund Foodbank’s ‘Meals for Mates’ program in Australian rural areas for the next two years. The ‘Meals... Read more »


American markets absorb love for Aussie wine: Wine Australia report

The United States is still the number one export destination for Australian wine says a new report by Wine Australia. Measuring Australia’s top export... Read more »

Lessons to be learnt from UK food fraud

There are some serious lessons to be learnt for businesses in the food industry when examining a unique case of food fraud out of the UK this week. Facts... Read more »

Australia’s CSIRO develop world’s first gluten-free barley beer

A German beverage company is launching the world’s first gluten-free barley-based beer. The gluten free grain used in the beer was developed by Australia’s... Read more »

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Allen’s Lollies releases “one piece, one portion lollies”

Allen’s is now selling “one piece, one portion” lollies in Australian supermarkets. Different... Read more »

Hart & Soul launches Indian inspired soup and soup kits

Hart & Soul is now selling an India inspired soup and soup kits in Australian... Read more »

Charlie’s Cookies snack boxes fly on Qantas

Charlie’s Cookies snack boxes are now being offered on selected domestic Qantas... Read more »

Coke’s Zico coconut water adds to chocolate competition

Coca-Cola South Pacific is now selling a chocolate flavoured version of its Zico... Read more »

Nudie launches new yoghurt and juice flavours

Nudie is now selling a variety of new juice and yoghurt flavours in supermarkets. The... Read more »

SAI Global joins Woolworths’ Supplier Excellence audit program

SAI Global has been appointed by Woolworths as an approved service delivery partner... Read more »

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