Health star rating system often not impacting purchase decisions

Despite the Australian Federal Government introducing its health star rating on front-of-pack labels to help consumers make healthy decisions, new research from Canstar Blue has found that many shoppers are not using the system.   Canstar Blue surveyed a wide-cross section of  3, 000 Australian adult shoppers to find that only 48 per cent of respondents had used or planned to use the system.... Read more »


Dairy industry leads in new protein claims

Nearly four per cent of global launches recorded by Innova Market Insights in the financial year ending the 30 June 2015 used a protein marketing claim.   The claims were either ‘high-in-protein’ claims or ‘source-of-protein claims’.   Dairy products were the main category using a... Read more »


Pet food & large packages leak / seal tester Model 6089L

SealTick TSE 6089L is developed on-demand to fulfil customers’ leak testing requirements for pet food and pet care products specifically in large size packages. This model can run test on packages weighing up to 22Kg. The family of Sealtick TSE 6089L is already in use around the world for testing a... Read more »

Tandem Trading Pty Ltd – dehydrated tropical fruits

Tandem Trading offers a wide range of dehydrated tropical fruits. These include: Pineapple, mango, papaya, cantaloupe, coconut, kiwi fruit and jackfruit. Products can be produced as traditional sugar preserved or as low sugar added or in some cases no sugar added.  The low sugar added range includes... Read more »

Same day Alicyclobacillus test for fruit juice and concentrates

Alicyclobacillus (ACB) species are bacteria which are resistant to low pH and pasteurisation. They produce off-flavour and aroma compounds that spoil juice products. Current methods for ACB testing are laborious and require over 7 days to yield definitive results. These limitations make it impossible... Read more »

Bulla launches much-anticipated product innovation at Fine Food Australia

This year’s Fine Food Australia will be a veritable showcase of new products and innovations, one of the highlights is taking place at the Bulla Family Dairy stand. Today Bulla launched a groundbreaking new product which is guaranteed to be a source of excitement over the four days.  Unveiled at Fine... Read more »

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Top 5 most popular features of FoodLegal InHouse ranked by users

The FoodLegal InHouse compliance platform for labelling, composition and marketing for food and beverage companies is now available. It is Australia’s most exhaustive food compliance resource and contains FoodLegal’s proprietary compliance methodology, training materials and much more.   Since... Read more »

Featured Video- MILO Protein Clusters

Featured Video- UNCLE TOBYS FARMERS PICK What's New


Free-range egg labelling consultation begins

The Australian federal government has today started consultations on free-range egg labelling.   The process has began with a paper released by the... Read more »

Australians not doing the weekly grocery shop eat more vegetables

Horticulture representative body AUSVEG has released data showing that less Australians might be doing a weekly grocery shop but they are still managing... Read more »

Boss reveals key factors to FIJI Water success

How do you make money from selling something which is often free and readily available to the consumer?   If anyone would know it is Australia’s... Read more »

Australia’s amazing nut industries are global players

The Australian Nut Industry Council (ANIC) recently announced that Australian tree nut crops have delivered AUD $1 billion to the Australian economy in... Read more »


Case Study – Australian jams the condiment of choice in luxury Indonesian hotels: Beerenberg

  South Australian jam and condiments maker Beerenberg has been selling its jams to Indonesia since 1993. Today Indonesia is Beerenberg’s third... Read more »

Calcium supplements unlikely to help bones

New research claims to have found that eating more calcium or taking calcium supplements is unlikely to help prevent fractures or osteoporosis in the elderly.   Lead... Read more »

Subway likely to undergo major global re-branding

International sandwich chain Subway is said to be preparing for a major rebrand in mid-2016.   The rebrand has not been officially confirmed by Subway... Read more »

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Ski D’Lite relaunches with 25 per cent less sugar

Ski Di’Lite yoghurt has been relaunched with 25 per cent less added sugar.   The... Read more »

Maggie Beer expands ice cream range

The Maggie Beer ice cream range has been expanded to include stick-based offerings.... Read more »

AsureQuality inSight™ and Authenticateit© sign Agreement to bring together traceability, food safety and quality assurance

New Zealand government-owned food safety and quality assurance company AsureQuality... Read more »

Nudie introduces coconut-based ‘yoghurt’ range

Nudie has introduced a new range of yoghurts made from fermented coconut milk instead... Read more »

Sipahh launches Halloween inspired flavour

Australian Beverage brand Sipahh has launched a new flavour to help celebrate Halloween. ‘Ghostly... Read more »

Pre-moistened swabs for easy sampling of food contact surfaces

When screening your production environment for total counts, coliforms or pathogens,... Read more »

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